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application.  If no opening is immediately available, as is often the case for personal
care and cottages, placement on either the Standard Waiting List or the Priority on
the Priority List.  If no one on the Priority List accepts the opening, contact with the
Standard Waiting List follows.

Must I turn over all my assets to live at Countryside?

No.  Though applicants are expected to inventory all their assets and income on their
application, transfer of those assets to Countryside does not occur.  You are
responsible to pay your respective Entrance Fee initially and thereafter your service
fees one month in advance.

Must I be a United Christian Church Member to be a resident?

No. About 12% of residents are of the United Christian faith.  The remaining majority
are typically of other faiths common to the Lebanon and Dauphin Counties.  Please
keep in mind that all faiths are welcomed at Countryside Christian Community.

Can I bring my own furniture and personal items from home?

Absolutely!  Cottage residents fully furnish their residence with their own furnishings.  
We provide the major appliances.  Personal Care residents and nursing residents
are encouraged to bring personal items and a few furnishings from home as will
suitably fit into your room.  It is our desire to have Countryside be as much your
home as possible.  Keep in mind that some furnishing items may not be suitable due
to fire codes, available space, electrical requirements or the resident's medical needs.

For residents not owning a car, do you provide transportation to local

We have a handicapped accessible mini-van and a 13 passenger bus which are
used for scheduled off-campus trips, outings and activities.  Residents desiring to be
driven to a specific location(s) may arrange ahead for such services at additional
cost (see rate sheets).  Scheduled shopping trips are part of our regular activity
program which are included in the monthly service fees.

Do residents have access to a computer for Email and Internet access?

Designated staff are prepared to assist residents in use of administrative computer
and Internet facilities for the purpose of communicating with family or friends.  Limited
assistance (without charge) can be provided to the resident for these
communications.  Residents are welcomed to use their own computers and establish
their own connection to the Internet through local phone or cable providers.

If I chose a residence that does not have an attached garage, do you have
separate garages for my car?

A limited number of separate garages are available for rental on a monthly basis.  
These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  They are available to both
assisted living and cottage residents. See the cottage rate sheet for rental rates.

Are pets welcomed at Countryside?

Yes, pets are welcomed as residents in cottages!  Certain policies apply to pet
ownership, including a security deposit, which are intended to ensure appropriate
care, safety and well-being for all residents and visitors.  Pets are welcomed as
visitors in personal care and nursing care according to certain policies again,
designed with safety and well-being for all residents and visitors.  Countryside also is
home to a pet bird, cat and regularly visiting dog.
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